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The print audit assessment key provides an accurate assessment of all printers and photocopiers across a network. It produces a spreadsheet showing the volumes printed across the entire network, our team can then analyse the assessment and suggest ways to improve.


ARC can offer lease rental as an alternative to outright purchase, you can pay a fixed rental payment amount, either quarterly or monthly, for a 3 or 5 year agreement term. Leasing allows you the flexibility to upgrade your MFD at any time by simply restructing the schedule of the agreement.


Our remote care system allows us to monitor MFD’s, using this system we can be notified of error codes, consumable replacements, low toners, etc.


Excess printing incurs huge costs on business and educational/academic institutions in both hidden and explicit ways. PaperCut includes a wealth of functionality for tracking and controlling printing. Many sites start with simple goals and will leverage the more advanced features as time progresses.


Document Navigator – Document capture, processing and delivery

The Konica Minolta Document Navigator closes the gap between paper documents, multifunctional devices and electronic document management systems. This simple, dependable, scalable and flexible capturing application enables users to capture, digitise, distribute and use documents like never before.

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